Innovid Rolls Out Interactive Ad Tool For OTT

The video marketing platform Innovid on Thursday launched a self-serve advertising tool designed to allow brands, agencies and marketers to create interactive ads for connected TV devices.

The tool, OTT Composer, permits the quick creation of an interactive ad, as well as multiple variations and personalized versions. It can then be deployed across over-the-top platforms, such as Roku, apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation and Hulu.

Research has shown that interactive advertising can increase awareness and engagement, but it can be cumbersome to produce and iterate.

Innovid is betting its OTT Composer tool can help bring the cost of developing interactive content down, both in pure monetary terms and time spent.

The ability to deploy ads utilizing the tool across the media landscape—despite viewer fragmentation—also bolsters the value proposition.

The launch of OTT Composer comes the same week Innovid received accreditation from the Media Rating Council for OTT ad measurement. The company says it is the first in the industry to receive MRC accreditation for video advertising in a CTV environment.



“OTT Composer offers a blueprint for success in creating dynamic TV spots that resonate by helping our customers solve two big pain points—scalability and measurement,’ says Tal Chalozin, CTO-cofounder of Innovid. “Our new product suite will help make interactive CTV a reality for the masses...” 

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