Tremor Video DSP Says It Has Tripled SSP Integrations

Tremor Video DSP, one of the leading demand-side advertising platforms, says it has tripled the number of supply-side integrations since being acquired by the mobile advertising technology firm Taptica last August.

Its partnerships now include Google Ad Manager and AdSense, as well as Rubicon Project, SpotX and Twitter/MoPub.

“This is our commitment to brand advertisers — to offer the greatest supply differentiation and scalable audience reach that will maximize the impact and quality of their video campaigns,” Ofer Druker, executive chairman of Tremor Video DSP, tells Digital News Daily

The company has sought to make deals that will bolster its abilities in brand safety while expanding its reach in fraud-free environments. The company uses Grapeshot pre-bid verification as a value-add, and uses only ads.txt compliant inventory.

“Our SSP expansion provides our clients more scale across brand-safe video supply to maximize audience reach across all video environments and match against Tremor Video DSP’s audience data sets,” Druker adds.



Adding SSP integrations into its platform is just part of Tremor Video DSP's plan. iDruker says the company will “continue to strategically and carefully” add partners “that are additive to our existing supply mix and provide maximum value for our clients.”

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