Semcasting Offers Self-Service Attribution Tool

Semcasting has launched a self-serve omnichannel attribution platform called The Attributor.

The objective is to help brands unify their marketing tactics around a common ID and turn attribution into a self-service measurement tool, states Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting.

The Attributor uses a common ID to measure performance of email, direct mail, in-store traffic, connected TV, display, search and social media, Semcasting says.  

It also can stack five tactics in a study to measure ROI and advertising impact of an omnichannel campaign, it adds.

The new platform is deterministic, and companies can use it as an audience verification metric, the company says.

Now generally available, the product has a usage-based platform model.

“For too long, attribution has been treated as a consulting business, which has made it cost-prohibitive for many campaigns and most advertisers,” Kingman states.


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