The Future Of Phone Service, According To Visible, Madwell

Madwell is partnering with the all-digital wireless carrier Visible to develop the brand as the company seeks to raise awareness about its services in the U.S.

Working across both its Brooklyn and Denver offices, Madwell’s team developed everything from the brand voice to motion and digital content, influencer kits, and immersive experiential installations, including the “404 Store Not Found” out of home campaign, featuring empty storefronts across NYC, Denver, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, and Philadelphia wrapped in bright Visible blue. 

The campaign is designed to give consumers a glimpse of future of phone service, which Visible contends will be seamless, simplified, and store-less. 

The project seeks to redefine consumer perceptions of pre-paid services, where "a great value should also feel great, not like a concession,” says Chris Sojka, chief creative officer, Madwell. 

Madwell, for its part, had to ramp up its team to help support this rollout by welcoming several new managers to its Denver office, including group accounts director Natalie Ross and executive creative director Jeff Gillette.







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