Adidas Plays On 'Disappearing Cinema' In Instagram To Introduce Sneakers

Adidas Originals experimented with media this week to build a campaign in Instagram Stories that announces a new line of P.O.D. sneaker.

The campaign moves away from “literal” and toward “organic” storytelling by using a technique the brand’s marketers refer to as “disappearing cinema.”

The experiment involves teaming up with music director Colin Tilley known for producing Mask Off, Alright, Wild Thoughts, and YSL campaigns, along with 19-year-old Detroit rapper Curtis Roach.

“Music videos are the greatest collaboration you can ask for because you’re taking somebody’s song and you’re putting in your hands to bring in a live visual,” Tilley said in a video interview. “There’s a lot of trust that goes into that.”



Roach dances through the video unveiling his new single “Spectacular” wearing a pair of Adidas P.O.D-shoes.

"Great alone but better together” means that the customer -- and Adidas -- is the message the brand wants consumers to hear.

“We embrace that our brand allows us to elevate creativity through products and the lens of a next generation artists,” wrote Christine Sheehan, brand marketing director at Adidas Originals, in an email to MediaPost. ”Having Curtis and Collin come together to create this audiovisual experience that disappears materializes our mission as a brand who seeks to empower those who dare to break molds in culture and art.”

And while the music video was only available on Instagram Stories for 24 hours, the shoemaker plans to use the visual for an online ad and on the massive screens in select stores.

Complex Networks produced the creative for the video and now houses it on its site.

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