MediaMath Launches Blockchain-Backed Guaranteed Viewable Market

The demand-side programmatic marketing tech enology firm MediaMath is launching what it says is a 100% viewable, 100% fraud-free Guaranteed Viewable Market. It offers inventory work across mobile, desktop and digital out-of-home (DOOH).

The platform, which was released in beta on Tuesday, will incorporate blockchain technology and impression-level verification powered by the company’s enterprise identity solution.

MediaMath says the marketplace will only surface inventory with “the highest probability of viewability, based on numerous factors, including placement characteristics and publisher contextualization — before it is bought at auction.”

Post-impression, the company works with Moat to measure viewability and DoubleVerify to check for fraud.

The Guaranteed Viewable Market is being launched in partnership with Underscore CLT, which is providing the blockchain technology powering the marketplace. MathCapital, MediaMath’s venture capital arm, funded the company.

MediaMath says the new market is part of a larger product road map “to create the next-generation supply chain” of advertising.

It works with the company’s existing cross-device identity stack and its artificial intelligence solutions to allow for a more seamless transition for marketers.

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