Salesforce Develops Blockchain Spam Fighter: Report

Salesforce has applied for -- and been granted -- a parent on a system that would use blockchain to fight spam and secure outgoing emails. 

The patent document, based on an apparent patent request filed in 2016, was published yesterday.

In its overview for the filing, Salesforce describes the new technology as an email messaging system that “includes a first email message server, a second email message server and a distributed database system that stores a blockchain.”

The Next Web reported on the filing on Wednesday. Salesforce had not confirmed the report at deadline.

The filing describes the blockchain process as follows:

“The first email message server receives an email message from a first user system, and records a selected component of the received email message into a block of the blockchain. The selected component of the email message is added to the blockchain after validation by other participants in the blockchain.



“When the second email message server receives the email message from the first email message server, the second email message server can determine whether a component from the received email message matches the selected component that is stored in the block of the blockchain."

The Next Web is not impressed. “Sounds neat, but it seems unclear if and how this system will prevent the spam and junk mail from those dodgy senders that got your email, from that time you forget to check the opt-out option, on that website you probably shouldn’t have signed up to…"


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