Anwar Jibawi Joins Stephen Curry For Brita's Holiday Campaign

Brita is out with a video-focused holiday campaign starring its existing celebrity spokesperson, basketball star Stephen Curry, and internet/YouTube star Anwar Jibawi. 

The 3-minute video (below) has Jibawi bringing Curry home for the holidays, only to be mortified by the dinner-table hijinks of his eccentric father, grandfather and mother — all played by Jibawi himself. 

Curry takes the opportunity to point out that plastic water bottles “are really killing the environment,” and that using the Brita system is one way to help reduce the problem. 

Tagline: “Holidays with the family are crazy…but not as crazy as bottled water.” 

Jibawi and Curry are promoting the video on their Twitter and Instagram pages, and shorter cuts of the video are on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Mcgarrybowen is the lead creative agency.



Curry, point guard for the Golden State Warriors, did a music video with King Bach for Brita in March 2017 (currently showing 3.2 million views on YouTube).

He also helped Brita promote a user-generated commercials contest this past March, along with the April launch of the brand’s “Filter for the Future” program, which donates a portion of its Longlast filter sales to providing schools with the brand’s “hydration stations.” 

Another Brita video collaboration, with comedian Rudy Mancuso, has pulled nearly 10 million views on YouTube since its debut on YouTube in early January this year.

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