85% Use Smartphones, 64% Voice Assistants: Deloitte

Despite the advancements in Internet of Things interactive technologies and devices, the smartphone remains the most favored mobile device among consumers, according to a new study by Deloitte.

The majority (85%) of consumers own or have access to a smartphone, 77% to a laptop, 57% to a desktop computer, 21% to a fitness band and 14% to a smartwatch, based on the eighth annual global mobile survey, comprising a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults.

The majority of consumers of almost all devices use them daily. Almost all (94%) use a smartphone daily, 74% a laptop, 71% a desktop, 67% a smartwatch, 60% a fitness band and 52% a tablet. The only device used less is a virtual reality headset, used daily by 17% of consumers.

By wearable device, market penetration of smartwatches increased  from 13% to 14% from the previous year while fitness bands decreased from 23% to 21% and VR headsets decreased from 10% to 8%, according to Deloitte.

Despite the amount of smartphone usage, fewer than a third (31%) of consumers have used their mobile device to make an in-store payment, and fewer (14%) do so on a weekly basis.

The study also noted that voice assistants are gaining market momentum.

“One of those is the increasing impact of voice assistants, which many believe could be the next big thing in human-computer interaction, after touch,” states the report.

The majority (64%) of consumers now use a voice assistant on their smartphone, an increase from 53% last year.

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