Why Websites With Search Make A First Impression

Websites may become an afterthought as bright shiny technology overshadows what some may consider this staple for brand and retailers.

Consumers still care what a company’s website looks like and the features it offers. Think of the website as a first impression when meeting for the first time or reconnecting with an old friend.

About 81% of survey participants think less of a brand if their website hasn’t been updated in years. In fact, 39% would think twice about using a product or service if the website isn’t fresh, user-friendly, and current.

The survey, Consumer Trends in Content and Commerce Web User Experiences, analyzes responses from more than 1,000 U.S.-based consumers between the ages of 18 and 60, using SurveyMonkey. The questions focused on consumer satisfaction with current Web User Experiences. The survey analyzes everything from the best-loved website features to privacy and security concerns.

Some 28% said the biggest deterrent for shopping online with a brand or retailer is when the site doesn’t feature a search box, so they can quickly find the item. Twenty-five percent will go elsewhere when the site cannot accommodate mobile devices.



Half of respondents cite user content — reviews and photos — as important features. One quarter said discount codes are the most important feature when shopping on a website. Some 13% said their most important feature when shopping on a website is that the site has a memory of what they looked at when they go back. And another 13% say that Apple pay or PayPal payment capability for easy checkout is the most important feature when shopping a website.

Most consumers now expect a website to remember their preferences. About 56% said their favorite website feature is when a product they previously searched for gets served to them with a sale price.

The findings also suggest that 25% don’t mind a brand retargeting them with a product left in their shopping cart. Some 19% of those participating in the survey said their favorite website feature is when a page serves personalized offers based on their search history.

Along those same lines, 25% of respondents’ favorite website feature is when a website follows up with them about a product they left in their shopping cart or stopped looking at for some reason.

One-quarter said discount codes are the most important feature when shopping on a website, and 13% admit that Apple Pay or PayPal payment capability for easy checkout is important.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents said they would download their favorite brand’s mobile app

Consumers still want their privacy. Some 32% claim they now understand there is a trade-off between privacy and a better user experience, and 36% are still very concerned about their privacy online. Only a small fraction, at 16%, are not concerned about their privacy, and 15% think the online privacy issue has been overhyped.

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