Comcast Intros AI-Based Home Security System At CES

Comcast at CES today introduced the national launch of an artificial intelligence-based home security system that monitors, blocks and informs consumers of online threats to connected home devices.

The Xfinity xFi Advance Security system is aimed at protecting all devices connected to a home network by using AI and machine-learning technology to constantly monitor all Wi-Fi traffic in a home.

“The AI engine has a simple user interface,” Eric Schaefer, senior vice president and general manager, broadband, automation and communications, Comcast Cable, told the AI & IoT Daily. “The system determines normal behaviors and then identifies anomalies.”

The security system operates at the gateway to the home level.

The service is opt-in with a monthly fee of $6 and is expected to be included in some select packages in some markets.

“This is an advanced solution for power users,” Schaefer said.

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