Hunker,' 'NYT' Team For Content Hub

Home design site Hunker has partnered with The New York Times on a content hub featuring articles from both publishers.

Called “How We’re Living,” the content collaboration is the first time the two media brands have worked together. The hub lives on and is co-branded with The New York Times, featuring lifestyle and design articles from both sites.

The partnership provides Hunker’s audience with “even more of the great weekend features they already know and love us for,”  Jason Lepore, vice president-general manager at Hunker, told Publishers Daily. “It's helping bring new, younger readers to The New York Times.”



“How We’re Living” hosts a selection of curated articles offering advice and tips on topics like interior design, entertaining, smarter living and food.

Michael Greenspon, global head of NYT licensing and print innovation, stated: “This relationship gives The Times the opportunity to reach new readers within this growing design and lifestyle destination.”

The hub will be updated regularly with new content.

At present, it houses stories like “Here to Help: 4 Cheap(Ish) Things For Every College Dorm” from The Times, and “13 Contemporary Bathroom Ideas That Are Changing The Game” from Hunker, for example.

Hunker is owned by Leaf Group, the rebranded Demand Media. Hunker was created in 2017, one of a number of verticals launched by Leaf Group from specific categories that did well on its Livestrong and eHow sites.

Leaf Group also publishes pet-focused Cuteness, family tech site Techwalla and millennial-focused personal finance site Sapling. The company acquired Well + Good last summer.

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