Substack Debuts Audio Service For Email Newsletter Publishers

Substack, the email newsletter service, has launched a tool that enables newsletter publishers to create and send audio posts.

The feature is in beta, but will be rolled out in the coming months.

In a blog post, the company states that “subscription podcasting through Substack works in the same way as publishing newsletters. Once the feature is enabled, you can create an audio post that is just like a normal post and can go out to everyone or only to subscribers.”

Substack adds that subscribers can listen to the audio through the Substack web player after receiving it by email or accessing it on the web. 

The first publisher to use the new service is Anthony Pompliano, creator of a new daily podcast called Off the Chain.

Substack boasts that one of its benefits is that “you can subscribe to a person. That power is intensified when you an actually hear that person’s voice.”

It continues, “We also like email being the distribution channel. When you are constantly bombarded by tweets, push notifications, and updates, receiving an email that gives you a direct link to a podcast episode just feels... sane.”

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