Google Ads Brings Click-Share Metrics To Search Campaigns

Google is bringing the click-share metric to Search campaigns in Google Ads to help advertisers get a better sense of how their ads perform.

Click share represents the estimated share of all achievable clicks an ad receives. Google only makes it available for Search and Shopping campaigns. The metric aims to show the effectiveness of ads and how users engage with them compared with the competition.

Google explains that if an ad receives 60 clicks, and the click share is 60%, then it’s estimated that there were another 40 clicks that an advertiser could have received with a little more optimization such as extensions, higher bids and budgets, or in the case of Shopping campaigns, if more products serve up for search queries.

The metric has begun to roll out for Search campaigns with a plan to have it available for all Search campaigns in the coming weeks, wrote Pallavi Naresh, product manager at Google Ads, in a blog post.



When Google releases the metric it will become available at the campaign, ad group and keyword levels.

This is at least the fifth new search metric in the past few months. In November, the company announced four metrics for search ad positions.

Two metrics were based on the top-of-the-page position that Google calls “Absolute Top.” The other two, which appear at the “Top” position, reflect all-around ad impressions that serve up above the organic results.

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