LG Adds Amazon Dash Auto-Replenishment To All Appliances

One of the benefits of Internet of Things technology is that it can make some things easier to do, essentially by automating them.

Amazon figured this out some time ago by launching its Dash replenishment capabilities, allowing a consumer to reorder a particular item by just pushing a Dash button.

Now LG Electronics is adding that capability into its entire lineup of Wi-Fi-enabled dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

This sets up the automating of reordering of detergent and laundry supplies from Amazon when supplies run low.

"Our new smart features are now helping make mundane tasks like doing laundry and washing dishes easier with Dash Replenishment compatibility while delivering a seamless experience in collaborative technology," stated David VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA.

Other appliance makers have the same capability, but this is believed to be the industry’s largest assortment of Dash Replenishment-compatible smart appliances, comprising an entire product line.

After the system is set up, the LG smart appliances will signal Dash Replenishment to automatically reorder and deliver supplies to the door when the appliance senses they’ll be needed.

The idea of auto-replenishment isn’t really new.

When I bought my last HP printer at Staples, I signed up for HP’s automatic replenishment program. My printer knows in advance when it will need ink and it orders it, rather than me trekking to Staples when a cartridge unexpectedly runs dry.

The implications for the channel are obvious. I never go to my local Staples for ink and now simply use Amazon Prime for any other items Staples may have sold me in the past.

Amazon is now about to take ownership of the entire supply line of products used by LG appliances throughout the U.S.

That is some selling power.

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