Panelists Seek Better Seeds Of Technology In Email Strategy

This morning’s panel discussion at MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit Europe on “Customer Lifecycles: Planting the Seeds & Nurturing the Garden” saw a few members address the importance of the technology side of any email strategy.

After an audience member asked them what challenges they face in order to improve their strategy, Mairéad Bilton-Gough, Email Marketing Manager – UK & Spain at Rakuten Europe, said it was the reporting side of things. 

”It’s easy to be looking at the creative side of your job, testing whether pink or red works better,” she said. “But email is complex and you can do amazing things. Even when you are pulling reports, you aren’t always finding the data you want. With technology advancing, I hope the reporting will become better.”

Laura McKiernan, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Chill Factore, agreed.

”Technology is an issue for us, as Mairéad says.” At the Chill Factore, she said, they have six types of customers, according to the data but “we don’t recognize them as being our customers. Yet the data says they are. At [our] main reception, you put six templates in front of you and none of the people [there] fall into any of them. 



“We are trying to overlay a bit of common sense and a bit of business knowledge. If you don’t recognize them, you aren’t going to be talking to them in the right kind of manner.”

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