Movable Ink Debuts Augmented Reality Tool For Email, Web

Movable Ink is bringing augmented reality to email and other channels with a service that allows brands to create personalized browser-based AR experiences, the company announced on Tuesday.

The AR solution has been integrated into the firm’s visual experience platform, is now available to clients.

The solution, which can be integrated into existing digital marketing programs without a mobile app, relies on contextual and first-party data to build personal experiences via email, the web and display ads, the company says.

Firms previously had to build apps or launch an AR experience within the walled gardens of social media or marketing clouds, Movable Ink contends.

“Until now, creating augmented reality experiences has proved challenging for marketers, requiring teams of developers to build and support AR applications,” states Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink.

According to Movable Ink, the new product enables brands to:

  • Customize the loading page, the camera stage and other parts of the interaction
  • Create graphic overlays that display as frames over the camera, and drag and drop static images and animated gifs into the camera frame
  • Measure opens, number of pictures taken, and number of shares to quantify the effect of your campaigns.
  • Generate graphic overlays that attach to the customer’s face.

One early adopter, Virgin Holidays, has generated “great results and engagement,” with the solution, states Liam Savage, CRM executive for Virgin Holidays.

Sharma argues that “consumers are looking for more interactive and immersive experiences, and augmented reality presents brands with an effective tool for delivering on those expectations in a highly visual and engaging way,”


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