'Batman' AR/VR Tapped To Showcase 5G at MWC

AT&T, Ericsson, Intel and Warner Bros. are collaborating to present a 5G, mixed reality demonstration featuring Batman at MWC19 in Barcelona.

Using virtual and augmented reality, visitors can see how Batman defeats DC super-villain The Scarecrow in an immersive experience using a digital model of their encounter.

The consumer mixed-reality experience typically has required a headset to be connected, but this demonstration uses a lightweight mixed reality device and is mobile or untethered.

"We look forward to continuing to explore the power of 5G to deliver high-quality location-based entertainment experiences to our fans," states Justin Herz, executive vice president, digital product, platform and strategy, Warner Bros. Entertainment. "It is by working closely with partners in 5G that we can develop compelling immersive user experiences that will break through to a mass audience and bring iconic characters such as Batman and The Scarecrow to life.”

The mixed reality platform is running on a 5G Ericsson Radio Base Station network and is intended to highlight low latency and high bandwidth and speed.

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