Performance-Based ESP Service Offered To Retail Brands

Bluecore, a marketing technology company serving retailers, has launched an ESP that offers personalization and a performance-based pricing model.

Bluecore Communicate is an AI-driven service that personalizes campaigns based on shopper behaviors, the company says. Pricing is based on “retailers’ focus on performance,” states Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. 

Until now, Bluecore has been known for its triggered emails that link to a retailer’s product catalog. The company sends triggers that take price sensitivity and a variety of other factors into consideration, a spokesman says.

The new service will combine the triggered email capability with ESP services and allow firms to consolidate functions that are now delivered by many different vendors, he adds -- as well as helping to streamline email workflow.

The pricing structure is based on driving consumer engagement rather than incentivizing higher send volumes, the company contends.



Bluecore is jumping into a crowded field with the ESP front. But the revenue model is unique, it maintains. 

“Before moving our daily sends into the same platform with our triggered emails, it was very difficult to achieve a high-touch program at the scale and level of detail we’re now seeing,” states Tirath Kamdar, CEO of TrueFacet.

Bluecore says it works with more than 400 retailers including Staples, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, Teleflora and Best Buy Canada. It manages nearly 500 million shopper IDs and has a large cumulative product catalog, it adds. 

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