Tru Optik Taps Kosinski To Lead Sales

The OTT/CTV marketing technology company Tru Optik has named Richard Kosinski executive vice president, sales.

In his new role, Kosinski will lead the company’s growing sales operation, including oversight of revenue, partnerships and international expansion. He was most recently managing Director of Blue Ocean Partnership, LLC, and before that, president-CRO of the mobile video company Receptiv.

“The digital revolution has come full circle with OTT and Connected TV,” Kosinski says. “For 70 years, brands and agencies have looked to the home TV set to reach audiences, build brands and increase both awareness and sales.” 

“In OTT and Connected TV, we see a convergence of addressability and accountability, driven by massive adoption of smart TV devices, popular brand-safe content and robust data – all on a tried and true platform,” he adds.



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