Integrate And Marketo Work To Streamline Lead Delivery

Integrate, a B2B demand orchestration vendor, has joined LaunchPoint by Marketo, an arrangement that will streamline the process for delivering leads to Marketo, the firm says. 

Joint customers can connect top-funnel campaigns -- which typically include email -- to lower-funnel conversion metrics to gam a holistic view of the customer, the firms say.

In addition, clients can automate lead processing, cleansing, and routing from their customer acquisition channels into Marketo. This eliminates manual data entry, allowing for faster nurture of leads, the company claims.

The announcement was made on Monday at the Adobe Summit. Marketo is an Adobe company.

Many Integrate customers use Marketo as their engagement solution, states Jeremy Bloom, founder and CEO of Integrate. 

The collaboration has proven effective for firms that have tested it.

“Any organization that can automate its data quality processes at the perimeter of their ecosystem will gain a huge advantage throughout the waterfall in conversion rates, velocity, volume of deals and even deal size," adds John Donlon, senior research director at SiriusDecisions.

David Alexander, vice president of marketing at SAP Concur, a specialist in travel, expense, and invoice management, says Integrate keeps the company's data "clean, insightful and actionable," which helps to drive effective sales and marketing outreach.




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