Blueshift Unveils Customer Data Activation Platform

Blueshift has debuted what it calls a Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) to help firms unify data and use it to power AI-driven customer experiences. 

The service will enable brands to “make intelligent decisions around the right audience (‘who’), the right content (‘what’), the right time (‘when’) and the right channel (‘where),” states Vijay Chittoor, co-founder & CEO of Blueshift.

The CDAP will allow marketers to personalize messages across engagement channels, including email, mobile and direct mail.

In addition, it will streamline the customer experience across channels and Increase paid marketing return on ad spend, the company says.  

LendingTree is now sending billions of messages via Blueshift’s CDAP. The tool has helped the brand “scale our personalization efforts and customer journeys across multiple apps on different channels, and the results have been tremendous,” states Chris Kachel, senior director, CRM at LendingTree.

Kachel adds: “One of the biggest challenges in one-on-one marketing is the need to activate large volumes of data when you scale to millions of customers across multiple touchpoints.”




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