Pandora, SiriusXM Launch 'Pandora Now' Combined Offering

SiriusXM continues to put its stamp on the streaming music service Pandora, while bringing the Pandora brand to its existing satellite radio offerings.

On Thursday, the company said it was launching the first music offering for both platforms: Pandora Now.

On SiriusXM satellite radio, Pandora Now will be a curated channel, with prime placement as channel 3. Pandora users will get Pandora Now as an interactive streaking station, with song skipping and “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” functionality.

Pandora Now will span music genres and focus on music “trending” and most-listened to on Pandora.

The offering is significant because it is the first time SiriusXM will be leveraging the streaming data offered by Pandora, while Pandora will be leveraging SiriusXM’s music curation team from the satellite radio giant. It will also mark the genesis of the Pandora brand name featured on a SiriusXM channel.

SiriusXM completed its acquisition of Pandora earlier this year; it promised to combine assets and offerings to make more compelling satellite radio and streaming audio products.



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