Carsharing Company Getaround Proclaims 'It's Go Time'

San Francisco-based carsharing platform Getaround is launching its first global integrated branding campaign.

Themed “It’s Go Time,” the effort, from Eleven, Inc., emphasizes that when you have anywhere access to the perfect car, any time is “go” time.

Creative will run through September and includes audience-targeted television, out of home, radio, social and digital advertising as well as content integrations, including a partnership with "Queer Eye’"s Jonathan Van Ness. The campaign features a new logo.

Getaround allows instant access to thousands of different car models for rent by the hour or by the day in major metropolitan areas across the United States and Europe. 

From going surfing without having to schlep your board on the bus, grabbing lunch at an out-of-the way place and then getting your errands done on the way home, or taking a Tesla for a spin, Getaround allows users to go where they want, when they want, says Getaround Vice President of Marketing Allison Van Houten.



The company’s research showed that consumers are eager for technology-driven solutions like carsharing that allow them to experience life on their own terms, create more sustainable communities, and offer ease and convenience.

“While most people living in, or traveling to, cities could find a use case for Getaround, our campaign speaks to our core audience who we call ‘Urban Doers,’” Van Houten tells Marketing Daily. “These are forward-looking, modern, city-dwelling people who see technology as a tool to fuel their busy lives."

Also, "while we’re an easy choice for someone who has gone carless, many people who own a car also use Getaround if they need an alternative for specific types of trips, such as an all-wheel drive vehicle for a trip to the mountains or a luxury car for a nice night out.”

Other carsharing companies, including competitor Turo, focus on the car itself, or directly position themselves against rental car companies, she says.

“Getaround aims to be a broader solution that changes people’s relationships with cars,” Van Houten says. “We hope that people will think of us as the mobility solution that unlocks the freedom to get going."

Investors in Getaround include SoftBank, Menlo Ventures, Braemar Energy Ventures, Asset Plus, Triangle Peak Partners, SPARX Group, Toyota Motor Corp., Cox Automotive Inc. and SAIC Capital.

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