Personalization Is Easier In Email Than Other Channels, Study Finds

Email remains the top marketing channel, and also the easiest one in which to conduct personalization, according to Cross Channel Messaging And Today’s Marketer, a study by MessageGears.

Of the companies polled, 83% send marketing messages via email. And 44% use email for more than half of those communications. In addition, 34% attribute more than half their revenue to email.

Social is the second most widely used channel, cited by 65.7%,. Third is direct mail (52.9%), and fourth is SMS (43.%).

Moreover, 75% say that creating personalized messages in email is easy. In contrast, 54% say SMS is not easy in this regard, and 53% feel the same way about push.

Email personalization is seen as easy by firms that send 200 million emails a month, and is viewed that way by 71% of those that send 10-50 million. 

However, nearly identical numbers feel that the channels are frustrating for building campaigns -- 29.4% for email, 28.4% for social and 24.5% for push.

And there are challenges within companies, such as siloization.

Of the marketers polled, 74% say their cross-channel teams are mostly siloed. And 100% of those who consider personalization difficult are also siloed.

To conduct this research, MessageGears spoke with firms that send 10 million or more emails per month. 

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