Small Ecommerce Firms Remain Focused On Email: Study

Small ecommerce brands hope to pursue omnichannel marketing. But most are not there yet, according to a new survey by Omnisend.

Most small ecommerce firms — defined by Omnisend as those with 12,000 subscribers or less — are still relying primarily on email marketing to grow their revenue. However, 60% expect to implement an omnichannel strategy this year because they believe it would help them.  

The main reason for not doing so is that they are still developing their marketing strategies.

"We're seeing smaller brands start with what they know before moving on to new channels,” statesOmnisend CEO Rytis Lauris.

While there's nothing wrong with that approach, we know that creating an omnichannel strategy pushes enormous growth from the beginning,” Lauris adds.

Omnisend surveyed firms that have joined its automation platform in the past year.  


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