New Email App Features Price Tracking For Shoppers

Edison Mail has updated its iOS email app with a feature that notifies consumers when the price of an item they have purchased drops so they can request a refund.

Price Alert monitors online price changes at top retailers with price match policies in place. These include Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Old Navy, Macy’s, Nike, Target, and Walmart.

Price Alert appears in Edison’s Bills & Receipts assistant menu. It is based on AI technology that monitors stores and alerts shoppers if a price has fallen by more than $1.

The app “helps you manage your mailbox better and eliminates that concern by alerting you if a recent purchase price changes,” states Mikael Berner, CEO at Edison.

Berner adds: “Anyone who shops worries whether they got the best deal on what they bought.”

In addition, the app will provide a suggested email template that the consumer can customize and send to the store, the company says.

Users can also use the Edison Mail app to track their packages, travel itineraries, bills and receipts, it adds.  

Launched on iOS in 2016, the Edison Mail app has seen over 10 million flight notifications, tracked shipping for more than 90 million packages and organized upwards of 500 million receipts, the firm claims.


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