New Campaign Highlights Polluted State Of Oceans

Beverage company Ocean52 and its New York-based agency Conquistadors are out with a new campaign to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. 

Tied to World Oceans Day (June 8) this year’s campaign is anchored by the film "2052 Surfers," about a trio of surfers in the year 2052 looking for a good wave to ride. They’re rebuffed repeatedly however because every spot they try is polluted with thousands of plastic bottles or microplastics and other man-made pollutants. 

The United Nations designated June 8 as World Oceans Day a decade ago to raise awareness of the detrimental state of the seas and to unite citizens around the world to change the tide. 

According to agency 8, million pieces of plastic pollution enter the oceans daily. 

“Statistics about ocean pollution are just numbers,” said Conquistadors Founder and Executive Creative Director Mauricio Alarcon. “We wanted to translate the facts into a relatable moment that will resonate with the crusaders of today we hope will influence the crusaders of tomorrow and drive change." 



"The ocean needs brilliant work to call people's attention to its horrific plight,” said Santi Mier, founder and CEO of Ocean52. “Everyday day is Oceans Day for us. From the products we make to the initiatives we organize. If world citizens don’t act now, our future will undeniably suffer.”

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