Ubermedia Launches Vista AI, Helps Understand Client Behavior

Trying to expand its presence in the mobile location data and intelligence space, Ubermedia just launched Vista AI -- an anonymized platform for clients.

Still in beta, the new service ties into UberMedia’s broader efforts to help clients better understand consumer behavior, and assist in site selection and trade area modeling.

Among other features, Vista AI allows for the construction of customized location queries and the retrieval of anonymized data sets from an existing network of mobile location data suppliers.

The new offering also bakes in forthcoming privacy legislation -- like the California Consumer Privacy Act coming into effect in 2020 -- according to Gladys Kong, CEO of UberMedia.

Vista AI offers users access to “Market Potential” -- a feature designed to capture anonymized and aggregated human movement data from pre-processed data.

Separately, UberMedia just announced the launch of Mobile Location Data University -- an online resource for deciphering the complexities of mobile location data.



MLDU is sponsored by UberMedia and TSCG Analytics, and includes partners such as Environics Analytics, Miren.co, BI Spatial, and X-Mode.

Worldwide, consumers are becoming more selective in sharing their location data, according to customer engagement firm Airship.The average opt-in rate for use of location data has declined from 9.3% to 7.7%, Airship found.

In industries where the use of location data provides an immediate consumer benefit, opt-in rates for location-based services have increased dramatically.

Among 15 industry verticals, entertainment rose from the fourth to the second-highest average location opt-in rate.

Food & drink entered the top five for the first time, due to rising adoption of mobile pre-order and delivery services among quick-serve restaurants.

Both of these industries, and the longtime location leader -- retail -- illustrate the willingness of users to share location data when it unlocks convenient, streamlined services.

Airship also found big differences among sub-regions, where valued location-based use cases are more established and rapidly emerging.

The standout region appears to be Latin America and the Caribbean, with average location opt-in rates more than doubling.

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