Wibbitz Debuts Customizable Video Creation Interface

Automated video creation company Wibbitz has launched a new product called Lightbox, which provides templates and editing tools for users to create videos. It's an API that lets users customize the video creation interface for web products and mobile apps.

Wibbitz’s video creation platform also uses artificial intelligence to make content for editorial, marketing and social. The company works with publishers like Bloomberg, Reuters,NBC and Forbes.

Lightbox can be used on ecommerce product pages, profile pages for dating websites and apps, food and travel listings, directories, social media platforms, CMS and video ad platforms.

Lightbox “will make video an even larger part of our everyday experience by giving people the ability to create professional-looking videos in their favorite apps,” stated Zohar Dayan, CEO-cofounder at Wibbitz. Users can choose from categories like “business” and “travel,” for example, as well as frame rate and duration of the video. Fonts, captions and backgrounds are customizable, too.



Wibbitz believes video has the potential to increase engagement, retention and revenue for brands; including a video can increase web page conversion rates by 80%. Users spend three times the amount of time on pages with video, according to the company. Some 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching a branded video.

The company works with brands like SmarterTravel and HubSpot to automate the video creation process — usually an expensive undertaking — by turning text and photo into video.

TF1 Group, a large media holding company in France, is using Lightbox with its media-buying platform, La Box Enterprises. It offers advertisers that do not use a media agency the opportunity to produce video ads.

Small- and medium-sized businesses can create video ads to run on their owned-and-operated properties, without leaving the platform.

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