ShippingEasy Adds Email Tools To Help Amazon And Shopify Sellers

Firms that sell online, especially via Amazon and Shopify, are being offered new tools for driving their email marketing.

ShippingEasy has upgraded its Customer Marketing platform, which delivers insights, segmentation and life cycle analytics that to drive triggered email campaigns, the company says. 

The goal is to “employ customer and order data for targeted email marketing and product review management,” states Chris Vaughn, VP marketing, ShippingEasy. 

Vaughn adds: “Data does nothing if it’s not captured and utilized properly.” 

The new features include:

  • Amazon Feedback Management — This feature allows ecommerce sellers to monitor their feedback and reputation and send automated product review emails that are timed to match delivery and experience patterns, while complying with Amazon’s rules, the company says. 
  • Segmentation Rules — Brands can segment their lists by customer type, shopping data, products purchase, amount spent and location. This information is automatically updated when new data comes in, the company says.
  • Drag & Drop Template Builder — Ecommerce sellers can utilize this solution to quickly create custom email campaigns, and to preview the templates for phone, tablet or desktop, the company claims. Advanced features include personalized variables, social media library, embedded video,
  • Businesses lose tens of millions of dollars to abandoned carts on Shopify. This tool helps marketers build emails that can be triggered within an hour after a cart abandonment, or at some other customized time. 



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