Security Company Chronicle Will Fold Into Google Cloud

Chronicle, one of Alphabet’s “Other” businesses in the cyber security space, will fold into Google Cloud later this year.

The move is part of the changes Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian is making to the group, and comes as Kurian has spearheaded his first big acquisition earlier this month, Looker, for $2.6 billion.

Chronicle released its first product, Backstory, in March. It helps security analysts parse potential threats to more quickly pinpoint vulnerabilities.  

"Threats posed by attackers to businesses, governments and organizations across the globe have only grown more sophisticated and urgent," Kurian wrote in a blog post. "At Google Cloud, our customers’ need to securely store data and defend against threats — either in the cloud or on premise — is a top priority."

Coming from Oracle, Kurian explains how Google approaches security, from the chip to the data center, with a continuously growing set of security capabilities that work in concert to deliver defense-in-depth at scale.

This includes the hardware infrastructure, service deployment and user identity, storage, internet communication and security operations. 

Kurian expects to complete the integration this fall.



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