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Brita Urges Curbing Plastic Consumption

Brita i
s launching a social media campaign prompting consumers to reduce single-use plastic waste.

The effort, from Social Chain, aims to drive awareness and purchase intent for Brita’s filtering water bottles. 

It includes content from 21 Instagram influencers, whose posts feature photoshopped beaches and oceans heavily polluted with plastic garbage and bottles. The pictures show what the beaches could look like if people don’t pledge to reduce their plastic usage.

The influencers also pledge to reduce plastic waste. Future posts will outline how they plan to execute on their pledges and speak to how Brita’s filtering water bottles offer a way to decrease the use of plastic bottles. 



The posts will be complemented by additional IGTV and Instagram Story content that shows the benefits of the filtering water bottle and how the influencers are enjoying them in their day-to-day lives.

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean, says Rachel Shahvar, marketing group manager at The Clorox Co., Brita’s parent company. The campaign aims to “make a bold statement that inspires people to reduce single-use plastic waste,” she says.

Influencer marketing has become a heavily saturated marketing channel, says Cathal Berragan, creative director, USA, Social Chain.

“With hundreds of sponsored posts going out daily, we wanted to create a campaign that encourages people to stop their social media scrolling and immediately captures their attention,” Berragan states. 

While some influencers have been called out for photoshopping their post images to make themselves and their surroundings look more appealing, this campaign aims to use photo editing for good. 

“The littered beauty spots are a stark contrast from the usual polished images we're used to seeing on our feeds, and they offer a fresh, authentic and striking depiction of what our planet could look like if people don't curb single-use plastic waste,” Berragan states.

Brita recently partnered with National Geographic, which is employing its documentary-style filmmaking to introduce the Brita purpose to its audience and drive behavior change over the course of three digital videos. The first follows National Geographic photographer Pete McBride on an exploration of the Rio Grande, where he sees firsthand how bottled water is impacting the environment.

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