Google Sets Deadline For User Data Policy Changes

Google is taking a firm stand on the use of third-party data across its platforms. On Tuesday the company announced that changes to Project Strobe, a complete revamp of third-party developer access to Google account and Android device data, will go into effect on October 15, 2019.

The change in policies now are published in Google’s updated User Data Policy. The changes also include access to app data.

One of the two updates published in May require extensions to only request access to the least amount of required data. Google previously encouraged developers to do this, but now the company is making it a requirement for all extensions.

The other update requires extensions to post privacy policies, including those that handle personal communications and user-provided content.



Google’s policies have previously required any extension that handles personal and sensitive user data to post a privacy policy and handle that data securely. Now the company will expand the category to include extensions that handle user-provided content and personal communications.

Ensuring compliance means that developers should check their extensions per the guidelines. After the deadline, items violating the updates will be removed or rejected from the Web Store and will require compliance before being reinstated.

Google defines sensitive or personal user data as any type of data that identifies an individual through name, telephone number, email address, or user name. It also includes any type of identification number, financial and payment information, health information, website content and resources, web browsing activity or user generated content.

If the brand’s product doesn’t handle sensitive or personal information, it has no special or new obligations under the User Data Policy.

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