Study: Texting Is More Efficient Than Email

Here’s an alarming statistic for those trapped in the email silo: Texting is now seen as the most efficient channel. 

A new study from Lunar, a Salesforce company, found that 75% of respondents read text messages in two minutes or less. And 35% read a text in less than one minute. 

In contrast, 48% take more than 10 minutes to read an email. Granted, this may not be a fair comparison. Texts are short, whereas a marketing or sales email can be dense with content. 

It wasn’t clear at deadline whether this data covers both sales and marketing uses. But reading time depends on the purpose and length of the message.

The study also notes that 25% of the respondents said they reply to texts in less than one minute, and 66% in less thin two.  Eight out of ten find texting the easiest channel to respond to. 

Again, this may not be the best comparison, but the results sound right.

“Texting consistently outperforms email and phone calls and not just for personal communication,” states Jon Robinson, president of Lunar, which offers a texting service called Uplink.

Robinson adds that companies that fail to text are “inadvertently extending their sales timeline and reducing the amount of sales they could be closing,”

Lunar surveyed 275 individuals through SurveyMonkey.  

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