Where First Party Data and Personalized CPG Marketing Meet

Many CPG marketers probably feel like their options are limited to truly understand their customers and communicate with them on a 1:1 basis. Well, Kraft Heinz is working to change all that and Ryan Watson shared some details with Tuesday’s Brand Insider Summit attendees.

Watson, VP and Head of Media Platforms & Marketing AI at Kraft Heinz, spoke about his teams’ efforts to build internal consumer profiles, enhance that consumer-level understanding with first-party data, and use that data and an advanced internal tech stack to hyper-personalize at scale.

As a tangible example of progress in this area, he outlined a current pilot being run with Facebook. Watson’s team created a custom audience in-house based on consumer profiles and architected a campaign to precisely target those individuals on Facebook with the platform’s Custom Audience tool. From there, he used Facebook’s Lookalike Audience functionality to find other consumers that look like those Kraft Heinz customers and reach them with targeted marketing.

Seems like the future of marketing is arriving.

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