Leadspace Builds On Its B2B Salesforce Integration

Leadspace has launched new features that it says can help B2B marketers manage their data and improve their outreach campaigns.

The firm’s Leadspace for Salesforce now allows users to integrate and enrich their data and can sync data between the Leadspace CDP and Salesforce on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

This presumably can lead to stronger sales and marketing outreach via email and other channels.

Also being released is a new integration with Pardot, the B2B marketing automation platform owned by Salesforce. This will enrich the Prospect component in Pardot with B2B data and intelligence, Leadspace claims.

This integration also will enhance the Leadspace for Marketing Automation service that connects the Leadspace CDP to such platforms as Marketo, Eloqua and HubSpot.

Leadspace has also added several data and intelligence fields to its third-party B2B data, including company rankings, exact revenue and size figures.

In addition, it is offering platform features such as format validations and improvements in the ability to ingest custom data types.

In another development, the Leadspace On-Demand user app — announced in April — is now generally available to clients. Leadspace On-Demand allows users to view details on the segments they have built in the Leadspace CDP, and track how they are activated across channels.

The company hopes its Leadspace-On-Demand will provide a “critical component to help transform the way B2B marketing and sales teams think about their data,” states Amnon Mishor, CTO and founder of Leadspace.

In July, Leadspace acquired ReachForce, a firm that offers complementary B2B data tools. Leadspace's goal was to gain technology, customer relationships, team members and an Austin, Texas office.

In turn, ReachForce clients were get access to the Leadspace CDP and its AI and analytics offerings for predictive and persona modeling and scoring.


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