Microsoft Advertising Launches Responsive Search Ads To All Advertisers

Microsoft Advertising on Friday opened responsive search ads to all advertisers in beta globally. The RSA ad system automatically serves up a combination of headlines and descriptions provided by the advertiser.

Advertisers can input up to 15 headlines and four lines of descriptions in each ad. The combinations can contain up to three titles and two descriptions.

During the open beta, marketers can create and manage responsive search ads in Microsoft Advertising online, Microsoft Advertising Editor, Google Import, and the bulk API.

The best-performing ad combinations are automatically identified and reported to the advertiser, while the underperforming ads do not serve up again.

One responsive search ad can generate more than 32,000 ad combinations, and marketers can adapt the text ads to closely match what someone is searching for when they search for it.

The more headlines and more descriptions that are provided, the higher the probability of the ad being more relevant in any given auction, Juan Sepulveda, product manager at Microsoft Advertising; and Eugene GoldenShteyn, SR product marketing manager at Microsoft Advertising, wrote in a blog post.

The two suggest using the ad-strength widget to understand how responsive the search ads perform. The widget is populated dynamically as users type their asset candidates, and it provides recommendations on how to better create an ad.

Headlines and descriptions can appear in any order unless the marketer specifies a header or description to a specific position, but Sepulveda and GoldenShteyn offer best practices and advice on how to position the ads.

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