Apple TV+ Ramps Up National, Regional TV Spending

Apple TV+ has sharply increased its national/regional TV spending in recent weeks -- to lead among all forthcoming and existing video streaming services over the last month.

The new video streaming service, scheduled to start in November, has spent $15.3 million with seven spots and 489 airings from Aug. 29 through Sept. 29, in high-profile content such as NFL football, college football, and top TV network shows, according to

Much effort has gone into commercials focused on new series, including “The Morning Show” -- one of nine original shows to launch with the service.

By contrast, Disney+, another new video platform that will also begin in November, has spent $1.4 million (with 6 spots, 43 airings.). Disney has been running its “Connected” TV spot -- featuring clips of many of its high-profile movie and TV content.



Among other existing video platforms, Hulu has spent $14.6 million (18 spots, 5,323 airings), followed by Amazon Prime Video with $13.3 million (21 spots, 1,467 airings); Sling TV at $6.6 million (17 spots, 4,504 airings); Netflix with $5.0 million (33 spots, 207 airings); and ESPN+ at $2.7 million (36 spots, 1,864 airings).

Total category spending during the month-long period came to $69.1 million (23,579 total airings) compared to a year ago, when it totaled $67.7 million (21,027 airings).

The highest spending for these marketers when it comes to programs/series includes NFL Football, "The 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards,” college football, “This Is Us”, and “American Dad.”

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