Microsoft Advertising Rethinks Terminology To Sync With Marketers

Microsoft Advertising said it wants to make it easier for marketers to understand the lingo in its search platform. Starting Monday, it’s making a few changes to its naming process. Marketers continually add words to their keyword approach to keep up with changing terminology. 

For example, references to customer, also known as customer shell or CID in the Microsoft Advertising platform, will now change to “manager account,” which is the terminology many marketers told the company it would rather use, based on familiarity.

Manager accounts let marketers manage multiple accounts and share data through one sign-on. New users starting today will now have a manager account when they sign up for Microsoft Advertising, whether or not they plan to manage more than one account.

The company also announced several updates for manager accounts, such as an open beta for hierarchies, which lets marketers build up to five layers into their multi-account structure. 



Hierarchies allow marketers to build links between a brand’s accounts and manager accounts to match how the business is organized. The business may have subsidiaries, for example. The idea is to unlock capabilities across the account structures that allow marketers to link the entire strategy.

Hierarchies is now in open beta and available to all advertisers.

Microsoft also said it lets companies have up to five direct managers for a manager account, rather than one direct manager. There are two types. Administrative enables marketers to manage users and other requests. Standard enables campaign management and resource sharing.

A new “Direct managers” tab in the UI shows the list of account managers and their access levels.

When marketers implement the hierarchies feature, they will have one view of accounts and manager accounts in the drop-down menu within the web user interface.

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