Twitter $ Per User Erodes In Q3, Cites 'Bugs' In Mobile App Promotion

The good news in Twitter's third-quarter earnings report is that its average monetizable daily active user base grew to 145 million from 124 million for the same quarter a year ago. The bad news is that it wasn't able to monetize them as well, with the average revenue per user falling to $5.68 from $6.11 a year earlier.

Twitter attributed the results to "a number of headwinds including revenue product issues and greater-than-expected advertising seasonality in July and August."

It cited stronger ad demand in the U.S. in September, but said overall third-quarter results were stymied by the discovery of "bugs" affecting its mobile app promotion, which impacted "our ability to target ads and share data with measurement and ad partners.

"We also discovered that certain personalization and data settings were not operating as expected," it further disclosed, adding: "We believe that, in aggregate, these issues reduced year-over-year revenue growth by 3 or more points in [the third quarter]."

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