Synchronoss Technologies Teams Up With WeAre8 To Support Mobile Content Campaigns

Synchronoss Technologies, a provider of cloud and messaging services, has formed a partnership with WeAre8, purveyor of a messaging platform, to help clients conduct personalized mobile marketing campaigns and drive  content creation and sharing by consumers.   

The firms are trying to disrupt “how the advertising and marketing industry interacts with consumers,” states Mary Clark, chief marketing officer and chief product officer for Synchronoss. 

Synchronoss offers a platform called Rich Communications Services (RCS) that it says facilitates direct mobile relationships with consumers.

With RCS, consumers can sponsored by brands while being compensated for consuming, sharing or creating branded content, the company says. 

Brands understand that consumers “are increasingly tuning out traditional, interruptive advertising and that mobile digital interactions have become the preferred form of interaction and communication for the vast majority,” Clark adds.

WeAre8, which provides a program through which consumer voices can be heard, hopes the partnership will help it “put the individual at the heart of the advertising and marketing ecosystem,” states Sue Fennessy, Founder and CEO of WeAre8.



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