Microsoft Adds Split View And Other Email Features For Mobile

Microsoft is taking aim at other email providers with new features for iPhone and iPad.

For thing, Outlook users on iPadOS will soon be able to open multiple emails at once in split view, according to Express.

For another, Microsoft is adding a Do Not Disturb feature that lets iOS users silence notifications at night or at other times. The feature is already available on Android.

Moreover, Microsoft now allow users to integrate their email with their LinkedIn accounts, and it is providing new capabilities to help people avoid email clutter.

“If you move certain emails to designated folders repeatedly, Outlook will learn your preferences and suggest folders to help you quickly move your messages to the right spot,” the company says.

In a related development, Microsoft has also debuted an enhanced Office app for iOS. It features Word, Excel and PowerPoint, according to 9to5Mac.

“Doing so brings all of your Office documents together in one place, reduces the need to switch between multiple apps, and significantly reduces the amount of space used on your phone compared to multiple installed apps,” the company says.

In addition, the new Actions Pane “helps you accomplish many of the common mobile tasks you need to do all from one place,” the company says.



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