Email A Growing Channel For Pharma Marketers Worldwide, Study Finds

Of the North American pharma brands polled, 66.5% utilize email, compared with 70.2% who market in social media and 70.1% through webinars.

Social media, webinars and journals dominate in Europe. Asia is similar, except that the third slot is occupied by promotional websites.

However, 57.5% in Europe see marketing emails as an upcoming channel, along with 62.4% in Asia.

On average, email draws 14% of the average digital budget in North America -- second only to HCP/brand portals, which get 19%.

Medical science liaison is now receiving 11% of the total marketing budget. 

And, while email is not in the top three channels in Europe and Asia, it is drawing 13% of the average digital marketing budget in both continents.

Overall, pharma brands are allocating 34% of their marketing budgets to digital this year -- twice the amount they allocated in 2016. And 20% say their digital spends will grow by more than 50% over the next three years. 

The primary content strategies are:

  • Personalization — 74%
  • Promotion of content in infographics — 70%
  • Repurposing content into video graphics — 69%
  • Adapting content to device compatibility — 68%
  • Retargeting — 64%
  • Localization — 60%

Indegene surveyed over 100 across the Americas, Europe and Asia.




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