Streaming Services Amp Up National TV Ad Spending

Walt Disney’s Disney+ has amped up its marketing spend over the last month in preparation for its launch on Tuesday -- spending $20.4 million on national/regional TV. And new competitor Apple TV+ isn’t slowing either.

Over the last two months (Sept. 1 through Nov. 10) Apple TV+ has spent $47.7 million, according to -- with $32 million of this over the last four weeks -- Oct. 12 through Nov. 10.

Disney+’s overall spend over that two-month period is at $24.9 million, airing 21 different pieces of TV creative and totaling 2,516 airings.



Much of Disney’s effort over the last 30 days has been dedicated to NFL football, the 2019 World Series, college football, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and Fox’s  "71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards."

During the same periods, for its $47.7 million advertising spend, Apple TV+ has shown 13 different TV creatives and 3,176 airings.

Other big spenders during the two month period are Amazon Prime Video, at $36.6 million; Hulu, $28.2 million; DAZN, $15.5 million; Sling TV, $14.0 million); YouTube TV, $13.7 million; Netflix, $10.9 million; and ESPN+, $10.4 million.

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