Mojeek Pushes To Become The Next Google

U.K.-based search engine Mojeek announced taking delivery of 100 new servers Monday -- an investment that doubles the number the search engine previously had supporting its search services.

The servers were made possible by an investment in August made by a private investor.

The servers will enable Mojeek to grow its index from 2.5 to more than 4 billion pages during the next six months.

To put this into perspective, the amount of data equates to adding approximately a Wikipedia's worth of information daily.

Each node of the Supermicro 2U twin node bare bone servers will be fitted with dual Intel E5-2620 CPUs, 64GB ECC RAM and between 2 and 6 SATA HDDs depending on the server use, explains Finn Brownbill, head of marketing at Mojeek, in a post.

Mojeek touts its search services as a crawler-based engine focused on privacy, unlike search aggregators.

Adding the 2.5 billion page index to 4 billion is a great leap in a short amount of time, but once it has been done, the company said, it plans to more than double its capacity and increase the index to 8 billion pages the following year and tweak its algorithm to improve results, maps and business listings.



In November, the search engine began allowing people to search by emotions with help from Emrays Technologies' deep-learning algorithms, which it scored against five emotions: love, laughter, surprise, sadness and anger.

Emrays Technologies uses a recurrent neural network to run millions of calculations to score the pages. The predominant emotions serve up as an icon and appear next to the search results.

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