On Black Friday, 93M Consumers Shopped Online

Kenshoo, which refers to the Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend as “Cyber 5,” has released data outlining some of the key findings on one of the shortest shopping seasons in memory.

Black Friday topped Cyber Monday as the busiest shopping day online for the first time, with 93.2 million consumers shopping online compared with 83.3 million, respectively, according to the National Retail Federation.

Some 75.7 million shopped online and in physical stores.

The NRF notes that consumers who shopped in both channels spent an average of $366.79, up 25% more than those who shopped in only one or the other. NRF’s survey of 6,746 adult consumers was conducted November 27, 2019.

Kenshoo notes in its findings that spending among its clients rose 20% for Search Shopping Campaigns, 13% for Ecommerce Channel Ads and 43% for Social Product Ads, year over year (YoY).



Search Shopping Campaign investments rose 177% during the Cyber 5 versus the pre-Thanksgiving November period. This increase is largely attributable to a 169% rise in the cost-per-click (CPC).

Ecommerce Channel Ads, primarily on Amazon, rose 133%, with the average CPC increasing by 23%, compared with an average day during the holiday shopping season.

And while marketers spent 20% more for Search Shopping Campaigns and 13% for Ecommerce Channel Ads during these five days, Social Product Ads experienced the biggest lift, with an increase of 43% YoY. 

In fact retailers invested heavily in Social Product Ads during the five days, compared with the pre-Thanksgiving November daily average.

Marketers spent 126% more, with the ad costs (CPMs) increasing 65%. The Health & Beauty category saw spending more than triple compared with the rest of the month.

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