Video Streamers' National TV Spending Rising Sharply

For this holiday consumer-buying season, video-streaming services have dramatically upped their national/regional TV marketing efforts -- virtually double that of a year ago, partly driven by new services Apple TV+ and Disney+.

Over the last month, $128.6 million has been spent on national/regional TV commercials, according to, from Nov. 9 through Dec. 8. A year ago, over the same time period, spending came to $65.5 million.

Total commercial airings this year are at 28,133 -- compared to 15,899, the total last year over the same time period.

This year, Amazon Prime Video leads with $27 million for 2,823 airings of commercials, followed by Apple TV+ (launched at the beginning of last month) at $20.3 million, 1,709 airings.



Disney+, which also started up last month, is at $18.1 million (3,363 airings), followed by Netflix with $16.7 million (293 airings) and Amazon Fire TV at $12.3 million (1,421 airings).

Farther down the list are Hulu with $7.6 million (4,746 airings), YouTube TV at $7.6 million (136 airings) and Sling TV with $6.1 million (3,868 airings).

A year ago, Amazon Prime Video was at $17.9 million, followed by Netflix at $15.2 million, DAZN with $8.5 million, Amazon Fire TV at $7.8 million, Sling TV at $6.3 million, Hulu with $4 million and YouTube TV at $1.6 million.

NFL football -- across all major TV networks -- has grabbed the lion’s share of the spending for many streamers, followed by college football.

Non-sports programming includes AMC’s “The Walking Dead; NBC’s “The Voice” and “This Is Us.”


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