32 Games Created For Bose Audio AR

Game developers have created 32 games exclusively for the Bose augmented reality platform.

The games were created through Playcrafting, a community of U.S. game creators.

Bose and Playcrafting had formed an alliance to invest in game developers nationwide.

Playcrafting and Bose hosted paid, 48-hour Game Jams in Boston, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego for select game developers to work together in their respective cities to create  games using the latest Bost AR-enabled wearables and developer tools.

"Working with Playcrafting's nationwide community of developers married the worlds of technology and gaming in unprecedented ways," stated Chuck Freedman, head of developer relations at Bose. "We saw the passion and creativity that game developers bring to their work.”

Bose AR doesn't change what is being viewed, but it augments what is heard by using spatial audio and a range of natural input gestures, such as head orientation and movement.

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