Microsoft Bing Pages In Beta Gives Individuals, Brands Prominence In Search

Microsoft has launched a beta program called Bing Pages that allows individuals to manage their presence on Microsoft products such as Bing and

Participants who sign up for the program get their own page on Bing to highlight their contact information and social media channels. They can also promote social media posts in relevant search results -- at no cost.

Businesses can use Bing Pages to customize their Outlook profile with updated contact information, images, and content. These changes also appear in Bing search results.

Microsoft said in a Q&A about the product that it will use Twitter to authenticate the account. 

Arlo Godfrey, a web developer and creator of Spotimo, a Spotify for Windows 10, identified the feature initially pointed to by On MSFT.

“If you search for any social media outlet on Bing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) this shows on the right side,” Godfrey told Search Marketing Daily via email. “A member of my community pointed it out to me.”



The point seems to bring social posts into the search results on Bing, creating a Knowledge Graph for the individual or brand. 

There is a self-service process to create a page. The individual or business must enter their public profiles. Once verified, Microsoft uses the information to build the page and showcase the social media content.

The individual requesting the page must be at least 16 or older, and by using the service agree to the Microsoft Privacy and Cookies and agree to the Terms of Use that state any content about the individual or brand becomes public. The individual or brand retains the ownership of the content, but will not receive any payment from Microsoft for its use. Microsoft is not obligated to use the content and may cease using it at any time.

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